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Our Services

The mission of our devoted team of lifestyle managers

and professional artists is to enhance our clients' day-today

lives and fulfill their biggest dreams. Through

bespoke creative experiences and art services, our team

takes care of every aspect of our clients' creativity to give

them back the luxury of authentic and meaningful art

from beginners to professionals.



since 1990

From memorable programmes to private lessons at

home, Creative Manufacture’s unique programmes are

the voice of authenticity in the private art tutoring sector.

Proud to partner with the world’s most recognized

retreats, we listen to each client in order to channel and

transform visions into reality.

The Luxury Of Creativity And Time

In today’s fast-paced world, creativity and time has become one of our greatest

luxuries. At the heart of our philosophy is the devotion to giving our clients back

time for creative developement and processes, so they can enjoy true making till

their finished master piece. Our expert artists will provide priority skills, use

high quality materials, plan individual projects and focus on the creative

development to the hottest selfmade artworks. We also tackle and take the stress

out of those join with no experiences, all ages beginning from 5 years old.

Meaningful ART Experiences

As the voice of creative making, we are devoted to bringing more joy and

meaning to the lives of our clients, through the creation of memorable art

workshops. Our team of art experts will personalise and plan any package a

client desires, be it a private lesson with an A-list celebrity, travel art

trip, an immersive experience with a seasoned adventurer, or a private art party

to remember forever.

The Best ART Has To Offer

Our desire is to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. As the go-to service for the

most discerning audience, we offer unparalleled access into the world of art

making. Our specialised art experts will listen to their clients needs, ideas and

visions in order to make their dreams and goals come true.


CREATIVE MANUFACTURE offers a fine art tutoring service that works with

the most quality materials. We also run a unique private programme that

engages basic skills with a dynamic and inspirational curriculum including

visiting exhibitions.

Clients can also take advantage oft he following services:

Guiding and teaching of private art projects from beginners to professionals

Sourcing of creative and destingtive art topics with diverse materials

Providing and Realizing bespoke projects from sculpturing, drawing to painting

Private art lessons at home

Retreats in prestigious locations

Creating a structure for an individualized art portfolio for university applications.

ART Education

Our devoted education department is made up of high-renowned education

professionals, offering art tutoring services. Through our bespoke education

service, we provide expert advice on the finest craftsmanship, unique art

parties, retreats in the world’s most desirable locations. A quality education is

the key to every creative’s future and developement, and our aim is to offer a

supportive transition when progressing through each stage. With extensive

experience in placing makers from all backgrounds into the right starting

position, we also take care of excellent preparation to end-to-end guidance and


Successful admission into a top art university is a competitive and rigorous

process, given the demanding portfolio. With their well-informed insider

knowledge, approach and analysis of every student’s past studies and future

aspirations our expert team will offer personalised portfolio sessions. To ensure

every student reaches their full potential, we also provide the highest quality

one-to-one art lessons. Our university-educated experts work all in the

professional art field.

ART Travel

Welcome to our world of art tailor-made travel. Our dedicated team of art

specialists acompany the client unearth the most amazing destinations and curate

bespoke art travel experiences. From personal art journals, to nature studies and

painting, sculpturing, and crafting, we plan one-of-a-kind art holidays, tailored

to personal desires.

Personal ART Shopping

Our personal shopping and style experts are masters at sourcing finest materials,

rare products and pigments and professional equipment. From the traditional to

the latest innovations.

Corporate & Private ART Events

We offer sparking and inspiring art parties for the world’s most discerning

audience, from intimate gatherings to lavish color explosions, we create colorful


Our services:

Business Meets Art

Wedding Happenings

Commissional Artwork

Tailored Inivitation Cards

Corporate Milestone

Instant Artevent

Retreats & Hotels

Girls Art Weekend

Cruise Ship Art Week

QuiGong & Art

Making Design Objects

Ceramic & Porcelain

Luxury Paintings with 24K Gold

And Many More...



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